Our priority at The Center for Elder Care is for our patients to receive the highest quality care. We are a team-based staff and constantly strive to improve processes to make the quality of your care excellent. For these reasons, we have worked hard over the last 2 years to improve our practice and apply to become a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). PCMH recognition requires a lot of time, work, and reorganization. It is a model of care that emphasizes care coordination and communication to improve primary care. The goal is to receive the right care, in the right amount, and at the right time. This focus leads to safer and better care, empowers you as a patient, and strengths the patient-provider relationship.

Patient Centered Medical Home is a huge accomplishment for any practice. Our practice will be classified as a PCMH recognized provider by insurance companies and will set our practice apart from other like providers. There is no additional cost to patients. This is a recognization program to make our clinic stand out as one of the best in the nation for geriatric care. This is in no way concierge medicine with a high yearly fee. This recognization also encourages us to make ongoing changes within the practice to make our processes more efficient and patient-centered.

As a PCMH provider our practice will offer unique services to achieve best outcomes for our patients. These services include same day emergency appointments in order to divert ER visits, direct hospital admits for our patients if medically necessary also in order to avoid ER wait time and exposure, and comprehensive care while in the hospital. This means we will be the providers overseeing your care during your hospital stay. We know hospitalization can be a very stressful time for patients and their families. We recognize by maintaining care and service with your regular providers during this time improves patient outcomes, decreases hospital stay, and eases stress of patients and families by seeing the familiar faces they know and trust with their physical and mental health. We will also make home visits to patients considered home bound but are in need of care.

Welcome to your medical home! You are the most important person on the health care team. Patient-centered is a way of saying you are the focus of your health care. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, evidenced-based care with an outstanding commitment of excellence! Thank you so much and please feel free to ask your health care provider any questions about PCMH. We are honored to have met requirements and received this distinguished recognition at the highest level.