Office Manager

Roya began working at the Center for Elder Care as the office manager since 2010. She studied Computer Science in England before moving to the United States. She graduated from the Ultrasound School of Medicine with honors in General and Vascular Ultrasound. She later received a degree in Adult Echocardiography. Her interests include painting, interior design, traveling, and spending time with her two children.

Medical Assistant

Cindy is a certified medical assistant that has been with the Center for Elder Care since 2012. She obtained an Associate of Science Degree from Virginia College and works as a Certified Medical Assistant. She works in the front office answering calls, sending in prescriptions, calling lab results, coordinating with home health agencies,  and scheduling follow up appointments. Cindy is married with five children and three grandchildren. She enjoys church, walking, and spending time with her family.

Medical Assistant

Kourtney joined the Center for Elder Care  in June of 2016. She obtained her Associates of Science Degree from Virginia College and is also a certified Medical Assistant.  Her job includes welcoming patients and visitors in person or on the telephone,  answering and triaging phone calls, and completing the check in process for our patients. She is responsible for organizing the front desk area and for keeping the flow of patients moving smoothly and efficiently.  Kourtney says what makes her job so enjoyable is her love for all of the patients. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter as well    as other family and friends.

Administrative assistant

Sheena is a student at Southern Methodist University, located in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from Randolph School in 2014.  She is currently studying in the field of medicine. Previously, she has worked with the Center for Elder Care helping with Annual Wellness Exams, Bone Density scans, obtaining vital signs from patients, and working in the front office. She has developed our website and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the site. In her free time, Sheena enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her friends and family.